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AI-Powered eCommerce Site Search

Shopify Website Developers, Influencer Marketing Solutions, Website Optimization, Headless/Magento Website Developers, WooCommerce Website Developers, Ecommerce Optimization Tool, Data Management and Analytics

About Wizzy Softech Private Limited

Wizzy is a smart search solution that provides personalised search results within 150ms. eCommerce Websites can integrate Wizzy with 0 lines of code, customise it, and set it up within 2 hours. Shops can customise everything from search result page layout, filters, autocomplete, suggestions, sorting, and more.

Wizzy gives shop owners comprehensive insights on user journey, persona, searches, and more.

Wizzy Softech Private Limited and Adyogi

Adyogi Partnership will really help us to collaborate and help eCommerce Stores in various ways to increase their ROI and customer retention rate.